ENHANCE Language Tandem Kick-Off Meeting for UPV

We would like to invite you to ENHANCE Language Tandem Kick-Off Meeting for Polytechnical University of Valencia (UPV) 
on the 14th November 2022 at 4.00 pm (online)

Meeting agenda: 

1. What is ENHANCE Alliance
2. Language Tandem project presentation
3. How to find a Language Tandem partner - Webex presentation
4. Language Tandem successful learning checklist
5. Growing the Language Tandem community - video projects of past tandems 
6. Q&A 

The link to the meeting:


Password: WUT2022 

About the project 

The Language Tandems within the ENHANCE Alliance is a project for students, doctoral candidates, academic and administrative staff that aims to enhance language learning via a language exchange method and enables participants to make new contacts within the ENHANCE community.
The participants of the Language Tandem project can learn and practice the following seven languages: German, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Norwegian, Polish, Ukrainian and the others. 

Benefits from participation in the Language Tandem project:

 • Developing communication skills 1 on 1 with a native speaker.
 • Developing listening skills and expanding vocabulary and grammar knowledge.
 • Getting to know up-to-date ICT tools for language learning.
 • Becoming a member of an international learning community.
 • Making new contacts within the ENHANCE community.
 • Exchanging knowledge and experience connected with studying in different countries.
 • Getting prepared for an exchange within the ENHANCE Alliance.
 • Starting new projects within the ENHANCE Alliance.
 • Having an academic record including participation in the Language Tandems project.
 • Developing intercultural competence.   

For more information about the project visit our website: