Having started the Language Tandems project within the ENHANCE Alliance, we are looking for institutions that focus their activities around the promotion of the language and the culture of the following countries Germany, Spain, Italy, Norway, Sweden and Poland and would be interested in supporting the project.

We are looking for support and cooperation in the following areas:

1. Building the Language Tandem Library
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As the part of the project and to provide maximum support for the future Language Tandems users, we want to prepare a Language Tandem library with links to interesting language resources that users will use during their language tandem meetings.
2. Promoting the Language Tandem project
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Wishing to reach the broadest possible group of potential users, we are looking for institutions that would like to write about the Language Tandems project in their media. At the same time, being aware that language tandems are a new and innovative method of language learning in Poland, we want to share our know-how and spread good practices regarding implementing projects based on language exchange.
3. Organising the language and culture-oriented events within the Language Tandem project
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Aiming at building an engaged international learning community, we want to organize language and culture-oriented events to let Language Tandems users meet interesting native speakers and institutions to enhance their language learning.
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What we can offer:
1. Placing a partner's logo on the Language Tandems home page and the Language Tandems Partners page together with the institution's description and link to its website.
2. Leading language or culture-oriented events for Tandem users during which it will be possible to promote the institution.
3. Publishing language or culture-oriented posts on our social media as a way to promote the institution.
4. Sharing the language tandems know-how, which later might be used in the partner's institution.
5. Sharing the language tandems know-how and experience for research purposes (Universities).
6. Promoting Language Tandem languages and cultures (Italian, Spanish, German, Swedish and Norwegian) in the university community in Poland.
7. Promoting Polish language and culture in the member countries - Germany, Spain, Italy, Norway and Sweden.
Partnership proposal (.pdf, 1.75 MB)
In order to establish a partnership, please contact the Language Tandem Coordinator:

Centre for International Cooperation

Warsaw University of Technology

Language Tandem Coordinator

Joanna Kret


tel: 22 234 71 85