Video projects

1. Duration: 3 – 5 min

2. Topic examples:

  • Education/University/Studies
  • Language aspects
  • Cultural aspects ( customs, food, geography, stereotypes vs reality, film, music, books, historical background, etc)
  • Science ( scientific progress, achievements, current developments)
  • Environment
  • Sustainability

3. Video content and structure:

  • min 1 – introduction of tandem partners and the topic of the video
  • min 2- 4 – development of the topic ( for example in the form of a dialogue between tandem partners with some slides and animation in the background, shot indoors or outdoors, with the elements of the language learned during tandem meetings, etc.)
  • min 5 – tandem testimonials ( benefits of joining the project, personal experience, challenges, suggested improvements, willingness to continue)

4. Ways of submitting the film:

  • deadline – 30 May – 5 June 2022
  • sending the Youtube link to the video at together with print screens of the 10 Tandem meetings

On the basis of the submitted video and the print screens, the certification of accomplishment in the Language Tandem project will be issued.