Language Tandems Community Principles

Intending to build an international learning community, we introduced rules to ensure that establishing relationships will take place in an open and safe atmosphere.

Each user is obliged to comply with the following rules, and if they encounter a case of breaking them, they should immediately notify the Language Tandem coordinator about it.

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Language Tandems Community Principles:
1. The Language Tandems learning platform is not a dating website. We are here to learn, share and make new contacts. If you want to use the website only for dating purpose, please look elsewhere.
2. We respect other cultures, believes and ways of living. There is no place in our community for bias and discrimination.
3. We treat one another with kindness and openness, believing that we can develop and grow together via a language exchange.
4. We are grateful for what we get and generous when we give. We remember that the process is based on mutual exchange.
5. Using the platform to promote or advertise other services or products is not allowed.